LOGISTIC INFO - all you need to know to be there...

FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 BOLOGNA CONFERENCE MEETING LOGISTIC INFORMATIONS you may downloaf from: https://inartefabriano.it/2023 logistic.pdf
.... or read the following:
- You will find ALL THE DEMOS and ALL EXHIBITIONS AT Sala Borsa (Adress: Piazza del Nettuno, 3, 40124 Bologna BO) .
+ THE LONG ROLL PERFORMANCE AT PIAZZA DEL NETTUNO (same place, just in front of the building) .
- You will find ALL THE WORKSHOP, THE BRANDS TABLES and THE WELCOME MEETING PARTY AT Palazzo Isolani (Adress: via Santo Stefano 16, Bologna) .
- You will find THE 24TH AND THE 25TH “Do you speak Watercolor” nights events AT Fluart (Adress: Via Monte Grappa 7/B, 40121 Bologna) How to get there? All the places are in the very CITY CENTER of Bologna. ,
- GOOGLE MAPS LINK: https://earth.google.com/web/@44.4934548,11.34480165,72.9221728a,1000d,30y,0h,0t,0r/data=MigKJgokC iAxb1VWWlBCVTFvNnNGNlVXV3dWT0hSdzk5bE1GUEt2RSACOgMKATA?authuser=0 ,
-> By Car The nearest Parking is: “Parcheggio, Piazza dell'Otto Agosto, 33, 40126 Bologna” For more info: https://www.apcoa.it/parcheggi-in/bologna/piazza-viii-agosto/
-> By Train Travel to Bologna central station by train and then 10 mins walk to get to Sala Borsa or palazzo Isolani
-> By Taxi Take a taxi directly to Sala Borsa or Palazzo Isolani - Taxi Cat +39 051 4590 and Cotabo +39 051 372727 - NCC Saca +39 051 6349444 and Cosepuri +39 051 519090 -> From the Airport From Guglielmo Marconi International Airport take “People Mover” directly to Bologna train station and then 10 mins walk to get to Sala Borsa or palazzo Isolani ,
More LINK you may need to participte in Bologna Conference meeting on April 20/25 and Paintin Holiday April 26/ May 2 are:
- 1 - TO BOOK HOTELS https://tinyurl.com/en-bolognawelcome-ACQUARELLO23 for special informations or needs you may also write an email to agenzia@bolognawelcome.it
- 2 - TO BOOK WORKSHOPS OR WELCOME DINNER OR PAINTING HOLIDAY at https://www.internationalwatercolormuseum.com/booking2023.php
- 3 - PROGRAM HERE https://fabrianoinacquarello.blogspot.com/2023/01/fabriano-inacquarello-2023- program.html.