Together we agree that:
although Kaname never contextualizes his characters by his high ability in expression, he is able to make the audience to perceive the whole scene even the noise ...
Anna Mssinissa:
I don't know him in person, but so long I have observed his job, now I try to sentitize in 5 points why I like this Artist. He surprise me every time because he is:
1. Essential
2. Meaningfull
3. Very high technique but technique is not enough for him
4. Not enough for him is to be still inside one style, but his self style is alwsys present 
5. He is an Artist, but he is also a lot more 

Nadia Belardi:
- Kaname Kano is the artist of immediacy, his figures are captured in everyday gestures and in spontaneous and natural postures often in motion without context and only light as a background
- His horses are mighty and his dogs and other animals are as alive as ever. Its landscapes are simple sunny farmhouses, romantic countryside objects
- He is an artist of rare beauty in his simplicity
- I would say that it tells of life in the simplicity of everyday gestures
at this link you can access Kaname Kano Platform Profile ,
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