By this place Anna Massinissa and Nadia Belardi, as curators in many waterccolor exhibitions, will start a focus on some TALENTED ARTIST  that they have been following and much appreciated. The selection is done from the MEMBERS of  INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR PLATFORM, in the aims to share the pleasure to give visibility to many different styles and cultures - to very famous Artist and o those who are less known. 
"The selection is done on a very personal opinion, a kind of game, we have started to do many years ago. We were individually following the artists by the socials, and were later discussing together about their subjcts, style and personal ability in the use of technique and Art skills. We found the observation and sharing very inspiring. We now want to share our selection with the Platform audience, believe us it is not easy to decide wich Artist to propose, because ... thank heaven, the TALENTED onece are very many!
Tell us if you liked our choice...."
                                    Anna and Nadia