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TANG Liang, a famous artist born in 1955, is best at pen drawing and pen light drawing. He is now acting as the Council Member of China Mural Association, the member of the Architectural Society of China, the Vice President of China Pen Drawing Research Society, the Vice President of Italy Royal Pen Drawing Artists Association and the President of China Branch, the Council Member of Hong Kong Artists Association, a member of Jiangsu Artists Association, the Artistic President of the House Of Art & Artists S.R.L., and the Senior Artistic Adviser of Southeast E Pavilion.


His published monographs include Tang Liang Pen Drawings — Hand-paintings Anthology, the Poetry of Lines —Tang Liang Pen Drawings Anthology, Homesickness — Tang Liang's Art of Sketch, Homology of Innermost Words, the Best Collection of Tang Liang Pen Drawings, The Love of Overseas Enterprises — Tang Liang Scenario Sketch Anthology, Tang Liang Character Sketch Anthology, The Love between Eastern and Western Venice and etc. Many of his works have been selected in many books including the Sketches of Hong Kong, Watercolor Works of Hong Kong Artists, Yearbook of Contemporary Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Masters, the Best Collection of Chinese Pen Drawings, Master Pieces of the First, Third and Forth National Pen Drawings Exhibition, Architecture and Culture, Contemporary Pen Drawings and etc. His works over the years were exhibited in Fabriano in Italy, Ferrara in Italy, Milan in Italy, Mondov in Italy, Darmstadt in Germany, Denver in Los Angeles of USA, Tokyo in Japan and other countries. The sole exhibition and national joint exhibition for his works were held in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an, Hunan, Nanjing, Suzhou and other places of China for many times. His works ever repeatedly won the gold awards, silver awards and excellent awards.


Eastern and Western Venice: Venice in the Sunset, Barbaro Tower, Venice Italy, Venice the City of Water, Watery Venice, Water Alleys in Venice, Bird's-eye View of Venice, Saint Mark's Square, the Morning in Venice, the Famous Rialto Bridge, the Waterways in Venice, Slawonien Houses, Malvasia Bridge, the Morning of Galzitti Bridge, Saint Mark's Church, ????????????, the Cathedral in the Sun, Street beside the Formosa Santa Maria della Pieve, Brandolini ·Luota Tower, and Slavonia Viewing Deck. The Morning of Hilly Pond, Dwellings in Water Town, Suzhou Water Town in the River South, Hilly Pond in Suzhou, Tour in the River South, Zhenze Ancient Town in Suzhou, the Night of Zhouzhuang, Small Town in Suzhou, Pavilion of Surging Waves in Suzhou, Fisherman's Family in Suzhou, Hilly Pond and Riverside, the Morning of the Ancient Town, and Dwellings besides Hilly Pond.